Childcare Workers

 August 3
11:00 AM – Debbie Mizell, Traci Hamilton, Adam and Tiffany
6:00 PM – Rachel Brew and Carolyn Muir
August 10
11:00 AM – Donna Urban, Traci Hamilton, Michael and Karen
6:00 PM – Carolyn Muir

Pastor's Page

     I want to review what I shared Sunday morning regarding a process through which people move into the family of our church. On Sunday [&hellip

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Student Ministry

     Have you ever walked in a school two weeks before school starts? The first thing you might notice is the smell of freshly waxed [&hellip

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In Sympathy

To Tom and Linda Wilkinson on the recent death of his uncle, Bob Boas of Nevada and her uncle, John Bearley of Pennsylvania.

Prayer Requests

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Thank You

     Thank you for being patient during this time of transition. Thanks to many of you who are parking in the preferred parking area. We want to leave the spaces up close for the handicapped, the senior adults, and parents of young children.

This Week in Worship

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