Childcare Workers

November 9
11:00 AM… Donna Urban, Traci Hamilton, Karen Galloway,
and Leah Green
6:00 PM… Adam & Tiffany Kirkpatrick and Carolyn Muir
November 16
11:00 AM …Debbie Mizell, Traci Hamilton, and Mike & Amy
6:00 PM… Ed & Shirley Boring and Carolyn Muir

Music Ministry

     Over the last two years the choir has been taking up money for a Scholarship. We believe in and are committed to educating the [&hellip

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Pastor's Page

    November is here and with it comes thoughts of all the things we do to get ready for the holiday season. What do I [&hellip

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In Sympathy

Please remember our church families who have lost loved ones and friends recently.

Prayer Requests

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Thank You

    We would like to thank everyone at your church for all the food and support you are giving Jo and Jim. It has been such a blessing to them. Each visit and phone call brings her comfort and encouragement. – Mike and Teresa Hurst

    Our hearts are overwhelmed with gratitude and we can’t express how much your caring means. Not many ever act upon their faith with such great response as you have toward my daughter and me. May God multiply to all of you a hundred-fold. I’m sure He is well pleased with such sacrifices. Your love and kindness means more than words alone can say. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. – Alice Shafer and Debbie Parker

This Week in Worship

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