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In the spring of 2012 an elected team of church leaders went through the process of strategic planning. This work involved assessing our ministries and thoughts of how we can improve as a church. One topic addressed is a concern in many churches I know: What is the best way for the church to utilize Sunday evenings. Thus, the final strategic plan included a recommendation to explore ways to increase Sunday night participation. Toward that end, last May we extended an open invitation for church members to join the church staff in discussion and suggestions. As a result, a sound mix of our membership gathered. The conversation was open, honest, and healthy.  A follow up meeting was held on July 8 resulting in this report to the July Business Meeting:

The consensus of the group was that Sunday evenings continue to have value as an opportunity our church should embrace. However, it is noted that many of our members are attentive to the function of each Sunday evening’s design and attend accordingly.  Thus, few people always show up for anything and everything we offer on Sunday nights.  Fellowships, discipleship classes, ministry events, and special themed worship experiences all received favor in our discussion. Platforms that featured relationship-building opportunities were especially praised.

Toward that end, our church ministerial staff held a special meeting to consider and schedule various Sunday night activities in the months ahead. Our ideas incorporated many previously established “favorite” Sunday night experiences like last Sunday evening’s Old Fashioned Singing and next month’s Camp Fire Worship. Other “never before tried” ideas included last month’s Connection Fair, this month’s evening for Sunday School Class Fellowships (September 29), and October 13’s Ministry Night.

While we always hope every activity has a unique appeal to our greater church family, we honestly don’t know how a new idea will work until we try it out. Healthy churches know how to build on successful ideas and how to turn failures into a learning experience – a stepping-stone for future success. We love our church and our heartfelt desire is to see it do well. As always, I appreciate your participation and encouragement.

Sunday morning we continue our worship series based on Samson. This Sunday night, please accept the invitation to the Student Ministry’s evening of worship, food, and fellowship.                          Jay


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