where love is alive 

Nov. 3:

11:00 AM Sherri’ Littrell, Anita Bates, Megan Howell, Megan Swetman, & Gabe Rich

6:00 PM Chrystal Bates and Carolyn Muir

Nov. 10:

11:00 AM      Adam Kirkpatrick, Amy Wilkins, Megan Swetman, Gabe Rich, & Megan Howell

6:00 PM Megan Howell and Carolyn Muir


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    Preschool Ministry

    It is the desire of our church to provide experiences for preschoolers which would begin to lay a foundation for future Christian growth and commitment.

    Click here for more information about our preschool ministry

    Weekday Childcare

    Providing a loving Christian environment for infants through five-year-olds.

    Open Monday thru Friday
    6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    Call 472-4172 for information


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