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Teaching Missions to children can be a challenge at times. It is hard for them to grasp the disadvantages other children have in 3rd world countries as compared to the lifestyle they are so accustomed to. And if we all will admit, we use these phrases to our advantage when we are trying to shame our children into eating the dinner we prepare. “Now children, eat your dinner. There are children all across this world who would love to have just one bite of your meal.”  Or, “Don’t waste your food children, clean your plate. There are children starving in this world.”

We say these things, we show them pictures, tell them stories, and maybe even have the privilege of going on a mission trip, but do they really understand what God has called each of us to do? BE SELFLESS, be Fishers of Men, Goers, Doers, Tellers, Witnesses, Light, Salt, the very breath of God! It’s not about your child cleaning their plate folks. It’s about teaching our children the humility of God. Teaching them that the power to change the hearts and lives of people around the world abides within them through the strength and power of Christ Jesus and  they can be light to a dark and dying world. “I am the Light of the World. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but have the Light of Life.” John  18:12

I pray for our children to have the Light of Life. I pray for our children to know the true meaning of “I will follow.” So, Please join us Sunday at 6:00 p.m. to enjoy hearing our Mission Friends class perform “I will Follow” by Chris Tomlin. I know you will receive a blessing.


Thanks so much to all who participated in our Fall Festival. We had a great night of fun and entertainment. Thanks for all your donations and and your time spent helping with the games. Everyone had a good time.





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