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Murals are being painted NOW!! Take a look down the Preschool hallway and you will see the completion of the “Bless the Children” mural and the beginning stages of the “Miracle Wall.” These two murals have been funded through the 2013 budget. There are several murals left to be painted. If you would like to completely or partially pay for a mural in your name, in honor of someone, or in remembrance of a loved one, I will be glad to let you view the remaining murals and their prices.

Please be looking for upcoming dates for preschool and children’s choir performances and Christmas parties.

Mission Friends, RA’s, and GA’s will again be participating in Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Parents may send donations anytime between now and Christmas with your Mission Friend, RA, or GA.

PARENTS NIGHT OUT:  Friday night, December 13 from 5:30-9:00. This is the longest we have ever provided a parent’s night out so take advantage of this opportunity to go shopping, eat out with friends, or have a fun game night with fellow parents in our group.  Kids will enjoy a Christmas movie on the big screen, games, crafts, pizza, popcorn, Christmas cookies, and hot cocoa!  You can register on the Evangel registration form, call the church office, or when signing in your child on Sundays or Wednesday to their classes.

TEENS: NOW HIRING: If you are a reliable, dependable, responsible, loving teen, no younger than 15, see Chrystal about being hired for this event and others in the near future!


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