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Happy Holidays to everyone!  I hope the next few weeks of your life are filled with much joy and happiness.  I am so excited to see our church and homes decorated for the holidays! I held off until after Halloween to bring it up but a couple of days afterwards I begin to tell Dawn we need to get our Christmas decorations up!  She said to me: “I’ve been wondering when you were going to start saying that!”.  I guess after being married to someone for a few years, you begin to know what gets them excited, and the Christmas Season does that for me!

Another thing that gets me excited is when our students do great things.  We have something coming up in the next few weeks that I am very excited about.  I had a friend of mine send me a Facebook message asking if I would be interested in hosting a party to raise money for what he called the “Build a City” Campaign.  I asked him if it was something our youth group could get behind and do together.  After he said yes, I went to Sarah Jo Ellis (you need to know that Sarah Jo has a heart for things like this) and asked her if she would want to be the coordinator for this party.  She was very excited and immediately began to plan for this party.  Allow me to tell you a little bit more about the “Build a City” Campaign:

This is a program that is focused on the nation of Cambodia.  They recognize the extreme poverty in that nation and want to help.  Seeing as a little bit of money can go a long way in Cambodia, these people have developed this idea of having house parties in an effort to raise $1,000 per party.  This little bit of money will go to Cambodia and will build a small house for a family in need.  The idea is to have 40 house parties, then pass that money along to build 40 homes in Cambodia, thus building a city!

So our students, led by Sarah Jo, are hosting a drop in “Build a City” Party at the Ellis Home on December 12.  While there, participants will get to watch a short video explaining how the process works.  We will be treated to a light meal and then asked to make a donation to get us closer to the $1000 mark.  This party will be from 6-9pm and will not take very much of your time.

So would you consider dropping by, having some good food, and watching a short video to see what God is doing around the world?  This is a great way to do International Missions without ever leaving Cleveland.  As I mentioned, it’s also planned by our students (and a big shout out to David and Cheri for proving the food and their nice home!) and will be hosted by them as well.  If you would consider coming by, please let me know in the church office.  You can shoot me an email at Jason@northclevelandbaptist.org, call the church office or even just make a note on your registration form.  We want to have a ballpark idea of how many are coming.  Together we can build an entire city in a very poor part of the world.

If you cannot attend the party, but would still like to give to this cause, you may make a donation thru the church, but be sure to indicate “Build a City” on your check.


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