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This Sunday evening after our worship time we will hold a Special Called Church Business Session to consider our Stewardship Committee’s proposed 2014 Operating Budget.  As you know, there are many avenues for people to make financial contributions to and through the ministry of our church. These include giving to Grace to the Finish for debt retirement and contributions to a wide variety of special mission offerings. But it is the church operating budget that functions as the central financial pillar that makes all the other ministries possible.

Our printed budget proposal grants a high degree of detail regarding the use of operating funds. This reflects a conviction that those people who donate to our church are welcome to know how their contributions are used. Toward that end, here are a few highlights regarding our proposed 2014 Budget.

  • Our church donates 20% of our operating budget to denomination, community, and partner ministries. Frankly, I do not know of another church that gives away such a large portion of its undesignated gifts.
  • Approximately 54% of your budget gifts go to compensate the church staff.  As your employees, we are humble and grateful that your generosity provides the resources for our salaries. Therefore, we strive to honor your gifts by working diligently.
  • The remaining 26% supplies funding for everything else: ministries directed to students, children, men, and women, the purchase of literature, music, library books, and other printed items, all kinds of equipment, office supplies, utilities, maintenance and upkeep, promotion, etc.  Efficient and wise management enables these funds to meet all our other operating expenses.

Of course, we welcome and encourage our church family to be present Sunday night for this important business matter. After all, the financial support of our congregation is the privilege and responsibility of every church member. While we do not wish to place too much attention to money matters, generous financial giving is necessary. Otherwise we could not exist as a congregation.

Finally, we have four more Sundays remaining in our 2013 Budget. With healthy giving through the completion of the year, 2013 can be a record year in contributions to our operating budget. Thank you again for the kindness of your stewardship. Our church relies on it every day. Jay



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