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On  Sunday,  December 22, during children’s church the children and all preschool classes will be having a “Happy Birthday Jesus Party.” We will have cake, ice cream, and chips along with crafts to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Please let your child come and join us for this fun time of celebration.


Discipleship Classes for January and February

For our Sunday night discipleship classes we are offering classes for our children and preschoolers as well.


*All children registered 1st grade through 5th grade will be learning from the “TeamKid, Day by Day” curriculum taught by Pam Menard, June Wooden, and Jane Wooten. This class will be held upstairs in the education building in room 412.


*Preschool children ages 3 years- through Kindergarten will be learning from the “TeamKid, In His Hands” curriculum taught by Chrystal Bates. Preschoolers who have registered for this class will meet in the Kindergarten room downstairs in the education building in room 313. (If you would be interested in being an additional teacher for this class, PLEASE indicate this on the registration slip. This would be a rotating position requiring you to teach every other Sunday night.)


“May you hold your family tight, eyes so bright, as they feel the love that this season brings and may the true meaning of Christmas reign supreme over the gifts and toys for all the girls and boys.”

Thank you and God Bless during this Christmas season!





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