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Next week is the week for Sanctity for Human Life events across the nation.  Last year the drama team here at NCBC was able to be a big part of the remembrance of the Sanctity for Human Life event for our area by presenting and hosting the event here at NCBC.  The event is held each year on the anniversary of the Roe Vs. Wade decision.  The drama team did an encore performance of the play “Tilly” for the event.  This play looked at the experience of a family years after they had decided to have an abortion and the untold effects it had on each person and their relationship.  What an honor it was to be a part of this event and be able to help New Hope.

New Hope Pregnancy Center is an agency here in town that helps women and men (don’t want to forget the dads) who are in crisis pregnancies.  They offer help and counseling for those who have been through an abortion and need to talk with someone.  They also have some resources to help parents who think they can’t afford a baby.  This ministry is really a very special ministry.  They are non-judgmental and open their arms to everyone who is looking and longing for help. One thing that they offer is post abortion recovery groups that will help people to mend following an abortion and it doesn’t matter if you just had one or if it was 9 years ago they are there to help heal the mend in the hearts of those who need it.  I am so glad that our church partners in ministry with New Hope.

The Sanctity for Human Life event this year is Tuesday January 21, at the Dixon Center at Lee University.  I hope that you will come out and support and remember.  Also, I know that they always need help in the form of donations.  They can be monetary or baby items or if you feel compelled to volunteer they have training for all who want to work with them.  Let’s get behind this ministry and support them.

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