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With the finish of the Not So Super SUPERBOWL, another football season comes to a close. Or it may seem. But is the season for football ever really over? Think about it…

College football signing day took place THIS WEEK. This is the day when high school athletes officially declare to which college they are bringing their skills.

February 19 opens the NFL Combine. Three hundred of the best college football players, hoping to play for a professional team, perform a diverse number of drills to demonstrate their abilities before scouts and coaches.

College football spring training starts in mid-March with inter-squad games to follow. (Note: The Tennessee Volunteers start spring practice on March 7 with the Orange and White Game set for April 12.)

The pomp and spectacle that is the NFL draft begins on May 8.

In a flash, mini-camps and training camps will launch in anticipation of a new season on the gridiron.

As you see, it appears the avid football fan always has somewhere to direct his or her attention. It reminds me of the year-round work of the church. There is always somewhere for devoted church folks to direct their attention, passion, prayers, and energies. This Friday through Sunday, scores of participants and volunteers pull together to celebrate our annual DiscipleNow Weekend for our students. As winter turns toward spring we turn our thoughts toward our annual observances of the Easter Season followed by emphasis upon family around Mother’s Day. Summer’s energies go to mission trips, camps, our patriotic service, and a little thing called Vacation Bible School. August is back to school season featuring the launch of our full Wednesday night schedule and our new church year. Soon afterwards we are making budget plans for the next year and preparing for the holidays. With all these, we mix in the weekly spiritual disciplines such as community worship and Bible Study (Sunday School).

As you see, it never ends. Frankly, it is not supposed to. The author of Ecclesiastes wrote: To everything there is a season. (Ecclesiastes 3:1). And as he notes, certain activities have their place in the annual calendar and the timeline that is life. Yet following Jesus means embracing His love, His grace, and His call everyday and every season in every action or emphasis necessary. Jesus said: Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross DAILY and follow me. (Luke 9:23 NIV). Remember following Jesus is always in season.                                   Jay


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