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This coming weekend we will be having our annual youth DiscipleNow around our church.  I know that many of you have participated in DNow throughout the years but for some, you may not have any idea what the weekend is about. With that in mind I wanted to dedicate my time to sharing my heart and vision for DNow at NCBC.

DiscipleNow is a weekend event with the purpose to help advance our middle school and high school students’ spirit lives.  Even though we do place opportunities within the weekend for evangelism, the focus is more on discipleship.  The students are in the homes of church members for the weekend living life together.  They eat together, pray together, play together and study the Bible together.  Each group is led by one or two “Group Leaders” who are responsible for shepherding that particular small group for the weekend.  We have two corporate worship services, one on Friday night and one on Saturday night.  Also the group leaders lead Bible Studies and breakout times in the homes.  We also try and involve as many people from around our church body as possible, with the purpose of that being a simple contact with our teenagers.  Studies show us over and over again that the more “connecting points” a teenager has in his or her home church, the more likely they are to stay involved in a congregation once they graduate high school, even if they move away to college.  With this in mind, we try and create as many connecting points as we can in our youth ministry, but especially during DNow.  This is the primary reason for students staying in homes, having leaders different than the home hosts, and even asking people to serve food to our students throughout the weekend.  As I have heard Dr. Jay say before: “It’s all about the relationships.

This year’s DiscipleNow theme is “The Game of Life” with the backdrop to this being John 10:10.  I hope that you will come Sunday Morning to worship with us, be challenged by this scripture passage and to catch a glimpse of what our DiscipleNow was all about this year!





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