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The actor Kirk Douglas told of a time when he was driving down the coastal highway in California one day and came upon a sailor with a large duffle bag, thumbing for a ride. So he drove past him a bit and pulled over, signaling that the young man should come up and get in. The sailor, happy to get a lift, ran to his car, opened the back seat and threw in his duffle bag, then jumped into the front seat. He looked over at Kirk Douglas, looked away, then suddenly looked back again. Realizing the celebrity status of his Good Samaritan, the star struck sailor said with astonishment:

“Do you know who you are?”

That question may be complex for a person who makes a career portraying other people. But it can also be challenging for just about everyone. Yet, a healthy self-awareness is a great benefit to life.  And, of course, the person who should know best who you are is YOU.

On Sunday mornings until Easter, we will celebrate a series of worship services under the theme I AM JESUS. Seven times in John’s Gospel Jesus gives self-definitions of His identity.  Every one of these begins with the words “I am” and completes the expression with a descriptive word or expression. There are many ideas in our society about who Jesus is. Some of them are not accurate. Over these weeks we will seek to allow Jesus to speak for Himself. It is fitting that these worship experiences follow the reflective season of Lent on the Christian Calendar.

As the church, everything we do is all about Jesus. As Christians, Jesus is the greatest influence of our own eternal identity.  It is easy to understand and accept that Jesus knows who He is. The question that remains is “Do you know who Jesus is?”  Come join us each week and get to know Him better.  This will also be a great series to invite others who need a better understanding of who Jesus is and can be to their lives.

Join us Sunday as we hear Jesus say I am the light of the world. John 8:12.  Jay



 At our March 12, 2014 business meeting, the Building and Grounds Committee will recommend a new floor plan configuration for the upstairs of the Education Building. Copies of this redesign can be found in the Welcome Center.



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