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    For the past NINE SUNDAYS our overall Bible Study attendance has exceeded 300!  This impressive run includes every Sunday thus far in 2014.  We are on a roll!  And it has been a team effort. On any given Sunday, when one area of our attendance is down, another appears to be up, keeping us above the 300 mark every week.

But to make it to TEN WEEKS will require a bit of extra effort from all of us.  You see, this Sunday is TIME CHANGE SUNDAY when we set our clocks forward to Daylight Savings Time. Most folks I know really like this change because it keeps the daylight around until later in the evening. But the transition often takes its toil on church attendance. Officially, the time lost occurs between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning. But often the hour that folks truly give up to make this adjustment is an hour of Sunday morning Bible Study or Worship attendance.  Thus, many church leaders unofficially know the spring time change day as “low attendance Sunday.”

But it does not have to be that way! And therein lies my challenge to the North Cleveland Baptist Church family. Hey everyone! Change those clocks! Set those alarms! And everyone resolve to be in Bible Study and worship this Sunday!  We can do this!  Remember, a lot of clocks and devices advance themselves into Daylight Savings Time.  Lets keep the good run going.  I’ll be here! The church staff will be here! Worship leaders will be here! Bible study teachers will be here!  So can you!

AND by being here on Sunday morning, all brothers and sisters in the faith can participate in the special worship experience of communion.  Last Sunday we had a wonderful launch to a series of sermons called I Am Jesus. Through Easter Sunday we are celebrating the seven self-descriptions Jesus gave of Himself in John’s gospel. This week we observe the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper as we reflect on how Jesus is the bread of life.

Our church family always seems ready to respond to a challenge. We need you here. Don’t let a simple clock adjustment cause you to miss a blessing. See you Sunday as we break bread together.  Jay

Pastor’s Pride: At the close of February our construction indebtedness was at $703,560.75.  Last Sunday, your gifts of $3,963.00 to Grace to the Finish brought our debt below $700,000.00!  Remember, 21 months ago our debt was more than $1 million! Thank you for your ongoing generosity!



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