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School Year Books include numerous photos of student groups, organizations, and clubs. Back in my high school days, some of my classmates took on the quest of getting in as many of these photos as possible. Thus, you would find these same students in photos of the band, choir, science club, debate team, drama team, audio-video club, etc. These folks were not necessarily members of these groups. They just wanted to get in the photo. We did not call it “photo bombing” back then, but that is what it was.

While I’m not trying to get into as many photos as possible, I do have a personal quest on March 30 to get to as many parties as possible.  On Sunday, March 30, we are asking all student and adult Bible Study classes to have a fellowship party. Our earnest desire is that this will be a door for people who do not regularly attend a Bible Study class to become introduced to your group.

I’d like to make an appearance at as many of these gatherings as possible.  In short, I’d like to be invited to your party!  So first I hope that during the next few Sundays, your Bible Study class will schedule some kind of gathering or fellowship.  This could be an activity like bowling, or a food event like a cookout, a covered dish meal, or a gathering at a local eating establishment.  It could take place in someone’s home, at a restaurant, a local park, or here at the church. Your party may be scheduled anytime that afternoon or evening (We will not be having evening services that day.)

Now I really do not want to be a “party crasher.” Therefore I ask your help in this way: When your class finishes making your arrangements, I would be honored if you would contact the church office and invite me to drop by sometime during your event.  Be sure to pass along the details (time, place, etc.).  I’ll take as many of them as I can on a “first come…first serve” basis. It would mean a lot to me to share a portion of this time with you, getting to know your class and your guests better.

So who is up for a party! Remember, Jesus compared the Kingdom of God to parties! Let us celebrate, create bonds, get to know one another better, and welcome others into your class circle. Remember, March 30! Maybe I’ll even make it into a few class photos!  Jay



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