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With a taste of warmth in the air, thoughts and feelings   turn  to  the  sights  and sounds  and  activities of spring: gardening,  yard  work, flowers, and BASEBALL!  Yes, the launch of baseball season upon us for all levels, from the major leagues down to t-ball.  So with “baseball spring fever” upon us, North Cleveland Baptist is bringing a special opportunity to our community.

This Sunday night, March 23, North Cleveland Baptist hosts a free showing of the motion picture “Home Run.”  The film shares the story of a baseball star named Cory Brand. Personal challenges dating back to his childhood drive Brand to the highest levels of baseball stardom. But they also make him susceptible to alcohol addiction.

After an on-field tirade, Brand is suspended from his major league team and ordered to return to his hometown and to coach little league baseball.  He is also required to attend a Christian based addiction recovery program.  In the process, he struggles with his checkered past and eventually finds grace, hope, community, and healing.

While this movie deals with some serious issues, it weaves humor, faith, and compassion into the storyline. Some of the most endearing characters are the children. Therefore the motion picture is “family friendly.” I hope that many parents will bring their children and/or grandchildren to experience this story together.  In addition, you probably know folks who are much more likely to come to our church to attend a movie showing than would attend a traditional worship service.  So welcome everyone in the Bradley County community to be part of this showing. If you have connections, invite players and coaches of any local baseball and softball teams.  Think of someone who would like to hear you say to them, “Take me out to the ball game.”

The viewing will be in the church’s Activity Building and will begin promptly at 6:00 p.m. There will be plenty of seats available. Still, some folks may prefer to bring their own “extra comfy” chairs. And while we won’t have “peanuts and crackerjacks,” there will be plenty of free popcorn and drinks for all who attend.

Play Ball!





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