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As pastor, my desire is to be engaged in as many of our church ministries as possible. While I cannot be an active part of everything that goes on through our good congregation, I enjoy all the places I can plug in. For the last several weeks I have participated with our musical drama ministry’s preparation for this weekend’s presentation of The Choice. (I play a small role as Priest #1). My presence in these rehearsals makes me even more prayerful and passionate that people from our church and community will attend one (or more) of our church’s presentations of The Choice. Toward that end, I offer the following list:


The Choice shares the true message for this season.

Frankly, I see plenty of Easter decorations and advertisements that have little or nothing to do with the observance of Jesus death and resurrection.  Today individuals and families must be intentional about directing our attention on the story of Jesus’ life and ministry. Otherwise we easily can miss this most essential story.

The Choice is well written.

The storyline of this musical drama incorporates the narrative of Jesus around interesting characters and perspectives. Add to this that the music is inspiring and engaging.

The Choice is well presented.

Adam and Rebecca Ferguson are outstanding in the lead roles. Plus, the remaining cast, crew, and choir all do excellent work in their respective roles.  You will be impressed and your presence will affirm our worship leaders.

The Choice is a gift to our church and community.

Imagine someone who loved you invited you to dinner and went to great lengths to prepare you a superb meal. Certainly you would want to honor the giver by attending and participating. Our worship leaders have gone to great length to prepare The Choice as a superb gift prepared for you. By attending, you honor their sacrifice.

The Choice is an expression of worship.

Ultimately, The Choice offers praise to the Lord for His sacrifice of love, power over sin, and victory over death. Worship is the privilege and responsibility of all Jesus’ disciples. The Choice is not something you will merely attend. Rather, as followers of Jesus, it is a unique experience testifying of your love for Jesus.

Well, I hope I have convinced you to take time out this weekend to share in one or more of the presentations of The Choice.  Each service begins at 6:00 in the Sanctuary. Invite a friend to join you. The Choice is YOURS! Choose wisely and attend.     Jay


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