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Youth Ministry Missions Report


    Over the spring break week we sent a group from NCBC up to New York City to take part in some of the Hurricane Sandy Rebuild efforts.  Truth is our crew of eleven was a part of a small army of people from Bradley County.  Specifically from the Bradley Baptist Association we had over 150 people travel to the NYC to work.  Our students worked in three different places during their mission experience.  Most of our group worked on a house that had flooded during the storm, hanging doors, caulking areas that needed it, and getting to know the family.  One team member worked tearing out old insulation and putting in all new insulation.  Another member of our team worked on the food line, keeping everyone fueled up and ready to work.  All-in-all our crew had a great time serving the people of New York and working beside other students from the BBA.

     As we forge ahead we move toward a heavy summer schedule.  The highlight of the summer will be our student trip to Kenya.  We have a group of thirty from the BBA, nine of which are NCBC members, that will be a part of this team.  While we are in Kenya we will be working with two of our IMB missionaries.  Chris, you may remember, was able to join us for a worship service a few months back.  We will be doing VBS to several groups as well as building chicken coups to help the people have a sustainable life.  As we move closer and closer to this, I have been amazed to watch God work with the financial side of this.  From the beginning we recognized this trip was going to be very expensive, but God has continued to make a way for us.  He has used many of you to make that happen by supporting the Women on Mission’s fundraiser last fall, the missions fair we had this past Sunday, supporting our individual team members and even agreeing to raise the mission support line item from this year’s budget.  I have listened to team members worry about how they would pay for this trip, and then be amazed when money came in that they weren’t expecting.  My point is this, when God leads you to something, I am learning that He WILL provide a way, and my job is just to trust Him in that.  I hope you are trusting God in your life.  It’s quite a treat to be in the service of The King! Love you all!




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