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It’s that time of year again when we are in full preparation for VBS.  VBS is one of the largest out reaches we will do as a church and we need everyone helping.  Not everyone can take off work and be here for the week of VBS to teach or volunteer, but many of you can help in other ways.  I have an opportunity for anyone who is in that boat.  Monday we start set construction for the VBS drama.  (See the schedule below.)  I know that not everyone is going to be able to make all of these dates, but any help is much appreciated.  If you can, help just meet us in the Sanctuary.  Tools needed consist of hammers, drills, and phillips head drill bit.  If you do not have these tools don’t let that stop you from coming.  I have extras!  This is a great time of working together and fellowship.  Let me know if you are interested in helping.

If construction is not your speed but you like to paint, these days and times will change into painting once construction is finished.  Like the old adage says “Many hands make light work.”  Come join the fun!

VBS construction schedule

May 16:   9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

May 17:   9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

May 18:   9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

May 19:   9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

May 20:   9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

May 21:   9am – Noon clean up

May 23:   9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

May 24:   9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

May 25:   9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

May 26:   9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

May 27:   9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

May 28:   9am – Noon clean up

May 30:   Memorial day no construction

May:31:   9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

 June 1:   9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

 June 2:   9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

 June 3:   9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

 June 4:   9am – Noon clean up

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