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Prayers for Townsend

This article (or the title, at least) may look a lot like my article from last month. This time, however, I want to give you specific things to pray about prior to and during our week in the Great Smoky Mountains. We greatly appreciate any and all donations, but nothing is more critical to our time in Townsend than your prayers. With that in mind, please be in prayer for:

  • Our team: Leslie, Isaac, Matilda, Janelle Martin, Marissa Murray, and I covet your prayers for us as we serve next week. Please pray for our energy, awareness, endurance, graciousness, and focus as we meet and minister to dozens of people with a variety of backgrounds, personalities, and attitudes. Our goal is to represent Christ with honor and to present the Gospel with sincerity.
  • The weather: This one’s tricky. The natural inclination is to pray for bright, sunny weather all week, but…some of our best gatherings under the KOA pavilion have taken place in the rain. Rain limits what the campers might do otherwise, so our campground activities can offer a great alternative and, thus, increase the number of folks exposed to servant evangelism and the Gospel. Please join us in praying for God’s will as it relates to the weather.
  • The campers: Without fail, we encounter campers from east Tennessee, other states & regions, other nations (China and the Netherlands spring to mind), other denominations, and entirely different belief systems. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will begin, even now, to soften many hearts to the message of the cross.
  • Ricky & Veronica Sims: We LOVE this couple, and their kids, Bruce and Ashley. They first encountered CHARM as campers and were so inspired by the ministry that they are now directors of CHARM’s ministries. We’re in Townsend for a week, but they are working hard at ministry throughout the summer season. Please lift them up in prayer!
  • Mark & Samantha Chipperfield: This couple owns the KOA campground and franchise in Townsend. They have long been supporters and advocates for Christian ministry in their campground. Please pray for them and their staff!

Blessings, Kevin

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