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Calling all handy men and ladies!

It is VBS set construction time again here at NCBC.  I can use anyone of all abilities to help.  There are many who would like to help with VBS but cannot take the time off from work to be here to teach a class or volunteer in other ways.  This is a perfect opportunity to help.  We have many dates and time options open for morning and evening work times.

I need help with construction and painting.  We will assemble walls with drills and screws.  If you have a drill, please bring it with you.  Also, you will need a T26 drill bit.  I will have extras of both if you do not have a drill or the drill bits.  I will need people to help carry lumber and keep me supplied with boards.  I will need people to cut lumber, assemble walls, put facing board on walls, and paint.  If you can do any of these tasks, please come and help.  It takes a lot of hands and hours to build the set.  Many hands make for light work!

VBS Construction Schedule 2018

Mon., May 21                       9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

Tues., May 22                       9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

Wed., May 23                       9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

Thur., May 24                       9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

Fri., May 25                         9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

Sat., May 26                         9am-Noon – Clean Up

Mon., May 28               MEMORIAL DAY – No Construction

Tues., May 29                       9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

Wed., May 30                       9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

Thurs., May 31                     9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

Fri., June 1                            9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

Sat., June 2                            9am-Noon – Clean up

Mon., June 4                         9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

Tues., June 5                         9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

Wed., June 6                         9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

Thurs., June 7                       9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

Fri., June 8                            9am-Noon & 6pm-9pm

Sat., June 9                            9am-Noon – Clean up

I hope to see you at one (or as many as you can) of these dates.


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