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Construction – Every year we build a set for the opening drama.  So many love to come and enjoy the production, but we need people to come and commit to help build.  Whether you can commit one day or all of the days, I need you to volunteer.  We will start on May 20th.  There will be a schedule posted in the Evangel in the weeks leading up to construction beginning.  Please look over it and commit to volunteer for at least one of the days.  Many hands make for light work. Here is this year’s construction schedule.

May 20:  9am-Noon                       6pm-9pm

May 21:  9am-Noon                       6pm-9pm

May 22:  9am-Noon                       6pm-9pm

May 23:  9am-Noon                       6pm-9pm

May 24:  9am-Noon                       6pm-9pm

May 25:  9am-Noon                       Clean up

~ ~ ~

May 27:  Memorial Day-No Construction

May 28:  9am-Noon                       6pm-9pm

May 29:  9am-Noon                       6pm-9pm

May 30:  9am- Noon                      6pm-9pm

May 31:  9am-Noon                       6pm-9pm

June 1:    9am-Noon                       Clean up

Tear down – The week following VBS we will need to tear down the set.  I need as many as possible to take it down. Tear down will begin on Monday morning June 24th at 9:00 a.m., and I will work all day.  Anyone who can help is welcome to come at any time during the day.  If needed, I will do the same on Tuesday, June 25.

A few more volunteer opportunities are listed below.  If you would like to help with one of these, please see me.

Computer Tech

Back stage






Please be in prayer about what the Lord would have to do, and then stop praying about it and do it.  We need more than just prayer.  We also need to act and be obedient to serve others.  These children come and they are blessed by your service to them.  We have had families that have come to our church through the ministry of VBS.  It is the largest outreach that we do each year.  Come be a part of this wonderful week of impact and serve our community.

God Bless,



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