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Hello church family!  Two weeks ago we were able to recognize our high school, college, and post-bachelorette graduates.  This is always a week that I look forward to, but also have a negative feeling toward.  The negative feelings I have come from the fact that many of these students came into the youth group as 6th graders that were 11 years old or so, and they are exiting as 18 year olds.  I’ve spent seven years with them and it’s difficult to see them go, but the level of excitement I have for them far outweighs these bad feelings.  It’s always exciting to watch the students graduate and finish up their high school careers that they so gingerly entered in to.  Many of them accomplished things they never would have imagined they could, while many accomplish exactly what they set out to achieve.  It’s a time of celebration and pats on the back for students that have worked hard for 13 years of their lives and now get to walk across the stage while pomp and circumstance plays in the background!

It’s also a time of celebration for another group:  The parents! These folks have supported, transported, taken care of, and pushed their kids so that they could get to this point.  For many parents, they worked harder than the students did to get to graduation day, and while a job of a parent never ends, their children are now young adults and the roles are beginning to change.  These young adults are headed off to college, trade school, the military or the workforce, and so they will begin to make more personal decisions than they ever have before.  Parents will still worry and push their young adult “kids,: but will begin to take on more of a role as a cheerleader.  So, with all of this, both the good and the bad–parents I say a hearty CONGRATS to you as well.  You deserve a party just as well!

Finally, let me say how honored I am to get to be the youth pastor for every student that comes through NCBC.  It’s a job I don’t take lightly and there is never a Sunday, Wednesday or special event when I am with our teenagers that I don’t thank God for the opportunity.  These are special kids whom God has a plan for, and I am thankful to be able to help a few of them navigate that path.  In conclusion, and on behalf of NCBC, Congrats to the class of 2018 and to their parents and grandparents!

In Him,


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