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Deacon of the Week

July 15-21: 

Jeff Elliott 504-6239

July 22-28: 

Adam Ferguson 716-4895

July 29-August 4: 

John Mark Moore 715-4895

August 5-11: 

Scott Franklin 641-6061

August 12-18:

John Ownby 400-5880

August 19-25: 

Mike Baines 400-5880

August 26-September 1: 

Terry Morrow 595-1498

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    1. So pleased to be able to keep connected to my church. Thank you Dr JAY and all that make this possible. I miss my church and the people so very much. This will make things much better for me.
      My address is
      1433 W. Westaire
      Peoria, Illinois 61614

      Posted by Viviene Serridge | January 14, 2018, 6:00 pm

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