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This month we have the privilege to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Kristy Parker being on staff at our church as one of our staff musicians.  Kristy and her family began attending our church back in 2008.  They jumped in and quickly became involved with the ministries of NCBC.  Singing in the choir, teaching Sunday School, and volunteering to help with events are just a few of the many ways they have been involved.  Before she became an official staff member she would fill in for Patrick or Nancy when they would be out on vacation or not able to be here.  When Patrick announced that he would be leaving NCBC to take a position at a sister church, we took that opportunity to make her place on our staff official.  She began by playing organ and auxiliary keys with the band and then, when Nancy announced her retirement, she moved to playing the piano full time.

Kristy has been a great asset to our church.  She models the description of servant leader.  Kristy is always willing to help and lend a hand wherever she can.  We thank Kristy for her dedicated service to our church and helping to lead us in worship each week from the piano.  We celebrate that the Lord has brought her to our church and congregation.  Please take a few moments to show your appreciation to Kristy for her service.

God Bless,



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