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I recently attended a birthday party for a young man who is very special to our family.  He has a great sense of humor, so he often comes out with some hilarious statements.  Those who planned the party decided to have a picture of him enlarged to make a poster and hung it on the wall.  The guests were asked to write down on paper speech bubbles their favorite quotes they had heard their friend say, and then tape it to the poster.  Needless to say the space around his face was covered with funny quotes and witty sayings that we all had heard him say at some point through the years.  It was so much fun sharing and laughing about all the fun times we had experienced with the birthday boy!

After the party I was reflecting on how much fun the activity was, but the thought came to me…what if everything we said was put into writing for all around us to see?  Would those words evoke feelings of happiness, friendship, love, etc?  Would those words honor God?  If we were completely honest, there would be statements made that we would be embarrassed for others to see.  As humans we have so many emotions on any given day, and most of us probably spend the majority of our time experiencing positive emotions such as happiness, love, and contentment. However, some days we have too many things coming at us, and that is when we might experience anger, hurt, stress, tiredness, and an overall feeling of defeat.  It is in these times those negative statements flow easily from our lips.  We may lash out and say things we will regret, and in my experience it seems to happen more with those we are closest to and love the most.

So, I plan to use the visual of the poster and speech bubbles as a challenge for myself.  In those moments when anger, stress, tiredness and all those negative emotions take over my mind and body, I pray that I can slow down and picture the words that come from my lips.  I pray that any harsh words be replaced with kind words.  I want to live out one of my favorite quotes:  In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Love in Christ,


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