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“All scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what

is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives”

2 Timothy 3:16


Don’t you just love God’s Word?  If you are like me at all, there are plenty of days that go by that my Bible doesn’t get opened.  I get busy doing life, much of which is doing what God tells us to do, and yet I don’t take the time to be in the Word.  It absolutely makes zero sense to make other things the priority over the Bible because of what it has to offer us.  2 Timothy says it is the very breath of God!  Louie Giglio says it a different way by calling it “breath on a page.”  You may have heard people say, “I just don’t know what God wants me to do.”  I’m certain I have said that at points in my life, and yet we have God’s instruction book that we just don’t bother to see what it has to say.  We go through life wondering what the next step should be, and maybe even wanting to be in God’s will in those steps, yet we don’t go to where the answers can be found.  A common question teenagers ask is, “What should I do after high school?”  There are some wonderful options out there:  college, trade school, military service, the workforce or momma and daddy’s basement (ok I’m kind of joking on that last one).  They really do have the world at their fingertips and for the first time they get to make a major life decision which will set them on a path they may follow most of their lives.   As students ask me my opinion, after I jokingly tell them they should be a youth pastor, I ALWAYS point them to God’s Word.  God has a plan for all of us, including our 18-year-olds, but we have to be diligent to search out what His plan for us is, and that starts with the Bible.  You probably aren’t in the place anymore to decide what to do as an 18-year-old.  In fact, I doubt any of our 18-year-olds even read my articles (and yes, this is absolutely a test!).  However, I bet you have decisions to make that matter a great deal.  Maybe these are health related, job related, or family related.  They could also even be of greater significance and be spiritually related, but no matter what those decisions are, God gives us His very breath and inspiration in His Holy Book.  May I, and possibly even you, never take it for granted!

As I mentioned last time I wrote to you, I have the privilege to preach this coming Sunday morning.  I hope you will all be there.  I am going to be talking about what the optimum environment is to help our kids and teenagers grow into young adults that follow the Lord with all their hearts.  So please be there, because you ALL play a role in that!

In Him!




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