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I recently heard a story of a former student of mine that was renting out a local movie theater to show a family Christmas movie to anyone in the community for free.  He was doing this to show kindness and love to the people in our hometown and apparently this is the second year in a row he has done this.  It’s been awhile since I was his teacher but I remember him being a happy person that seemed to bring a lot of joy to people he was around.  It would appear that he hasn’t lost that ability at all, and has realized that is a gift he brings to the world.  This definitely got me thinking…what ways can I bring happiness in this Christmas season?  What ways can I add value to the world around me?  Should I rent out the movie theater and do the same thing?  Or maybe I should rent out a Starbucks and give away free coffee for a day!  As great as either of these could be, I think we all need to play to our strengths and to what God gave us.  For my former student, it is to show kindness and hospitality.  For me, I think I need to double down on pointing people to Jesus over the next month.  I need to help people think deeply about the reason for Christmas, and the fact that God became human, with the sole purpose being to redeem us from our sins!  Christ came down from His throne in Heaven and was born as a baby in a humble manger.  He did this so that He could live the life needed to be the sacrifice we needed.  I need to point people to Jesus this holiday season, because as good as movie, popcorn or Starbucks coffee may be, it just doesn’t compare to the message of Christ!  Thanks to my man, Kezmond, for reminding me to show love and kindness this Christmas season!  With that, what can YOU do this Christmas season to spread love to the world around you?

On a similar note- on Sunday night, December 23rd, we will be having a special time at church called “Christmas Adam.”  Dr Jay will be telling us all more about this, but a small part of this time will be what we are calling a “Cookie Crawl.”  This is going to be a cookie baking contest much like our ice cream and chili contests!  Similar to these two events, we need volunteers to bake their best cookies to bring to share, and we need people that would be willing to come EAT these cookies!  What could be better than the opportunity to taste test hundreds of cookies!!!!!  There will be prizes awarded to the top two cookie makers, but let’s be honest, it’s all about the bragging rights! The purpose of this is to have fun while raising a little money for Operation Christmas Child, so everyone bring a few dollars to drop in the donation bucket, get your favorite cookie recipe ready to go, and come eat some Christmas cookies!

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