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As many of you know that a Christmas program takes much preparation and many long months of hard work and dedication.  For me, Christmas starts in July as the music starts playing in my office and rolling across my desk.  That is when the planning and the preparations begin.  The choir usually receives the music in August and we start learning parts and rhythms.  It is a long and involved process and I couldn’t do it without the choir and musicians who dedicate themselves to not only come to choir practice to learn the music, but also listen to CDs that are made for them, and pound out notes on pianos at home.  The band spends lots of time working and playing through the music.  All that to say, there are countless hours that go into a program like the band and choirs presented to church on Sunday morning.  There have also been many hours spent in prayer preparing our hearts to sing and worship The Great I Am.  For we do not simply do this for the pleasure and entertainment of the congregation of NCBC but we do it for the pleasure of the audience of One.

I cannot say thank you enough to all who have been involved in making “Glory in the Highest” possible.  The Sanctuary Choir, band, children’s choir, youth choir and tech team all did a wonderful job.  You gave your all for the Glory of our God.  Thank you for leading us in worship week in and week out.  Thank you for your hearts and dedication.  Thank you for your lives of service to the family of NCBC.

I pray that everyone will have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

God Bless,




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