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As many of you know, I absolutely love doing missions.  I love going to new places and meeting people I never would otherwise.  I love trying exotic food, although that doesn’t always work out well for me.  I love working with a team to accomplish what the Lord has assigned to us and I especially love taking people for the first time on these trips.  Our deadline for our Honduras mission trip is this week (Feb 24th) and a $100 deposit is required to get signed up.  The trip is going to be geared for high school and college students, and we are welcoming parents to be a part of it as well.  The dates for the trip are June 3-10 and we will be serving in the city of Comayagua, pronounced Como-why-aqua.  Our plan is to go into an area that hasn’t had a known mission team and share the gospel in a variety of ways.  We will be doing children’s ministry, food distribution, home visits and sports outreach to share the Good News that Jesus has come.  The hope is that we will have the opportunity to lead as many people to the Lord as possible.

So I have explained how I love all of this and what I really like about it.  But I haven’t told you my favorite part of it, although if you have followed my articles over the years you will know what this is.  My favorite part is watching our teenagers open their mouths, allow the Holy Spirit to use them, and speak about their salvation experience as well as life as a Christian.  It’s not something they do very often, if ever, and it stretches them in ways they can’t even imagine.  To watch them do this is amazing, but then to watch the people they are sharing the Good News with accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior is indescribable.  You may have a 15 year old telling a 50 year old about God’s grace, and God shows up in a big way.  That is my favorite and that is why I can’t wait to go back.  Yes, I am excited about the opportunity to share my faith, but I can’t wait to begin working with our team to prepare our teenagers for what the Lord wants to do through them while we are there.

If you have a teenager or college student, please consider sending them on this trip.  The opportunity for them to put their faith into action, and tell others about Jesus Christ is something they will never forget.  If you have questions, let’s discuss those ASAP so you can make the best decision possible.

In Him!


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