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Summer is quickly approaching which means we are kicking our planning into high gear over the next few weeks.  As always, we have some hallmark items on our youth agenda for the summer time.  We will begin the summer on June 3rd, heading to Comayagua, Honduras to do International Missions.  While we are there, we will be participating in feeding ministries, Children’s Ministries, sports ministries and any other ministries we can possibly do!  The one ministry I am most excited about is the door-to-door ministry where we will take food bags into homes and present the gospel.   All of our ministries will have a gospel presentation as the main thrust, but the personal home visits really move the needle for me.  Our team is made up of 14 youth and college students, accompanied by a few of our faithful youth workers.  Please add our team to your daily prayer list.  A few items to pray specifically for:

1) God would prepare our hearts/minds for the trip.  Sharing the gospel is a big challenge and we need to be ready.

2) Pray for protection in every way.  Where we are going is not a dangerous place, but it is international travel and we desire the Lord’s hand of protection over us.  Also, there is a likelihood of people getting sick if we aren’t very careful with food prep and using only bottled water.

3) Pray the Lord would prepare the places where we are going before we ever get there.  Pray for the people’s hearts/minds to be open to the gospel.  We recognize that “only God will bring the increase”

(1 Corinthians 3:6) and we are just making ourselves available.

As a quick note to add to the mission trip, we are having our annual church yard sale on Saturday, March 30th.  Please be cleaning out those garages, basements and closets of things that you feel you can live without! We will begin accepting items at the church on Monday, March 25th.  The yard sale is always our best fundraiser, but it only works with your generosity- so thank you in advance!

Summer Camp 2019 will be in Panama City Beach, Florida again this year.  We will be partnering with The Church at Gracepoint along with Meadowview Baptist.  Steven Johnston will be our worship leader and I am feeling fairly confident that our old friend TJ Green will be joining us all the way from North Dakota to be our camp speaker! Cost will be $225 and it will be a fantastic trip!

A couple of other summer nuggets I will drop here includes getting a Braves game planned and on the calendar, as well as a week of Ocoee Outreach.  Most likely the week will be July 21-25.  That is super late in the summer, but it will give the students that are available an opportunity to serve one more time and will cost very little to participate!  We already have a couple of cool projects in the pipeline, so get this on your calendar as a possibility!

In Him!



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