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Hello everyone!  We are less than a month away from going to Honduras to share the gospel message and I couldn’t be any more excited about that!  Our team has been in the process of raising funds, purchasing passports, working on our testimonies and praying over the whole trip.  We are currently in the process of determining our final details of what we will be doing there and along with that have come some brand new needs that we have.  I recently received the ministry schedule for the week, and I was shocked at how much we are going to have to take down with us.  So, I am using this space this week to appeal to our church family to help once again!  This is another way you can be a part of this trip without actually getting on the plane.  Below is a list of items we will need:

  • $500 for feeding an entire community in which they will all come to a common area where we will preach the gospel to them before we give them a food bag to take home. Each bag will cost about $20 and will represent one family hearing the gospel. Would you donate $20 for a bag?  Would your Sunday School Class consider donating 5 bags?
  • We will be giving out lots of prizes while we are there. The organization we are going through recommends we bring down small toys, small stuffed animals and lots of candy! Would you be willing to gather up some of these around your house or go buy a few bags of candy for us to take?
  • We will be visiting a hospital in which we will be giving out toiletry bags. For these bags we need washcloths, bar soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and shampoo- all of the smaller sizes. Could you help with this?
  • Finally, we will be going into a couple of schools. We will have the opportunity to share about Jesus in these settings by talking about ethics and morals, by using Jesus as our example. Once in the schools, we have been asked to give away school supplies.  Could you help by donating pens, pencils, crayons, markers, sharpeners, erasers, etc?

As I mentioned above, when I received the itinerary and list of things to bring, I couldn’t believe the amount, but I quickly realized we have a church family that loves to support these types of ministries.  I am appealing to that today by asking you to consider helping us fill these needs.  By doing this, you will be opening a door for us to love on the people and children of Honduras, and that will provide the path for us to share Christ.  You may bring the supplies to the church office during regular business hours or just by bringing them to church with you on a Sunday or Wednesday.  Donation bins will be located in the Annex and Welcome Center.  If you could do this no later than May 26th, it would be very helpful to us.  Thank you for your support and we look forward to reporting back to you what all God is doing in Honduras!

In Him!



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