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Another year of Vacation Bible School has come to an end.  All the teachers’ notebooks are packed away, the craft supplies are put back into the supply room, and the drama set has been taken down and stored away for next year.  As I cleaned up on Friday, I found papers, crafts, and treats the children left behind and thought how sad it was that they didn’t have these things to remember their week of VBS.  But, I also thought about how all of these items are really just “things.”  They are only paper, glue, paint, wood, fake flowers and inexpensive toys.  While these things definitely make VBS more fun and exciting, they are by no means WHY we have Vacation Bible School.  Introducing these children to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is WHY we have VBS.  Stories from the Bible that are taught every day, sharing the plan of salvation, and showing God’s love to each and every child through our words and actions is what it’s all about!  The fun songs, crafts, games, food, and the wonderful drama are all excellent tools to grab the attention of the children and help them have a hands on learning experience while hearing Biblical truths about Jesus. 

      So, even if they do leave those “things” behind in the pew at the end of the week, we can be certain they are taking something home with them that WILL last forever…Jesus!  We don’t always see or hear about the effects of VBS, but we know that seeds are planted and God will honor our faithfulness.  

      So many people come together to make VBS possible!  There are not adequate words to sincerely thank all who play a part, but I would like to try.  Thank you to all the teachers and helpers who taught the children in Bible study and led them from place to place each day.  Thanks to those who tallied attendance, counted the offering, greeted the families at the registration tables as they arrived, and helped set up and take down each day.  Those who led crafts, recreation and provided snacks daily for both the children and teachers, you are greatly appreciated.  A few people just showed up each day to do whatever needed to be done, and I thank you!  To Lanny and the entire drama team, thank you for all your time and hard work. It was wonderful as usual!  

      I have to say that Vacation Bible School is totally exhausting.  I was literally lying on my office floor by 5:30 on Friday evening!  But guess what?  I’m already looking forward to and planning for next year, and I hope you plan to join me! 

                                                                                                                             Blessings,                                                                                                                                 Holly

Be a helper – Even if you cannot attend each day of VBS, we can still use you!  Just let me know when you are available, and I will be happy to plug you into an area during that time. We can use people to sit with children during the drama at the beginning of each day, extra hands to prepare and serve snacks for the children, help care for the children of workers who are not old enough to attend classes yet, or simply be extra eyes at the end of the day to make sure the children are safely dismissed to parents.  


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