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Did you know that August is customarily our strongest month for Sunday School attendance?  There is something about “back to school” season that automatically enhances folks to get “back to Sunday School.”

We are going to put a special boost into August this year with a Sunday Night Event on July 28 called “Touch ‘em All.”  In baseball, the way you succeed is to touch all the bases.  On this evening our goal is to “touch base” with every person on our Sunday School role. I even hope we will “touch base” with some people who have yet to engage in a Sunday School class.

We will begin in the gym at 6:00 PM.  After a light snack and time of fellowship, I will share a few words of challenge then give instructions.  The objective is simple, every person on our Sunday School role who is not attending and participating in this event will receive a telephone call from someone who is!  Either you are here or you get a call. This contact will extend encouragement, share thanks, answer questions, and take prayer requests.  You can also invite them to hear my special “Back to School” sermon series in August!

I need every class to be represented with as many folks as possible for “Touch ‘em All.” And while preschool care will be provided, school age children can participate in making calls as readily as adults!  The more folks we have participate, the easier and faster the “touch ‘em all” goal is met.

Bible Study class attendance role sheets on Sunday mornings July 14 and 21 will have areas where classes can report which of their members will be here for “Touch ‘em All” night. Communicating your intent to be a part of this will help us with our planning. What a wonderful opportunity for classes to work together on a meaningful outreach project! Please plan to join us on Sunday Night, July 28 and let’s “Touch ‘em All.”   – Dr. Jay

Pastor’s P.S.

A final word of thanks to all those who participated in our annual Patriotic Service. It was another fine tribute to God and country.  With the tribute to Bud Shay’s time in the Air Force, our collection of Veteran Stories is up to 10 chapters. If you would like a copy of all the stories, please contact the church office and we will prepare one for you.


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