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As many of you know, at the beginning of June we were blessed to be able to take a team of teenagers and young adults to do mission work in Honduras.  I wish you had all been able to go with us as it was one of the best trips I have had the opportunity to be a part of.  We traveled to the city of Comayagua, which is in the southern part of the country.  We had the opportunity to visit schools where we told Bible stories and taught ethics lessons using the Bible as the teaching tool.  We visited a feeding program in which we were touched by the kids that came.  If you were able to make the share service you heard us all talk about the little five-year-old, Aundrea, that is both homeless and an orphan.  She is taken care of by the people that live in the small community.  She sleeps on people’s front steps, and the people do their best to make sure she is clothed, fed and in school.  Meeting her will NEVER leave my mind.  We also got to visit a public hospital.  While delivering care packages, they lead us right through the middle of the operating room.  I didn’t see any surgeries going on, but it highlights the lack of sanitation in those types of public hospitals.  We gave out the care packages and prayed for many families with kids there, but the experience was more for us than it was for the people we prayed for.  In a word, it was horrifying.  I also had the opportunity to preach in a Honduran church as well as share the gospel to a couple of large groups of people using the evangelistic soccer ball.  The ball has the colors of the salvation bracelet on it.  It’s a simple tool to use to tell the story of Creation to Christ.  Also, Daniel Cox was able to share a gospel presentation and his testimony with a large group of teenagers at a youth rally and then again at a sports event we did a few days later.  One of the most meaningful events we did came later in the week when we visited the Open Eyes Ministry Orphanage.  We left there completely different than how we went in.

All of these ministry events were great, but far and away my favorite part of these mission trips is getting to go into people’s homes and share the Gospel with the families.  It is an amazing experience to lead someone to the Lord and I wish that every single person at NCBC would have the opportunity to do that in their life.  I literally had dreams the few weeks leading up to the trip about sharing Christ with the people in Honduras because I was just so excited about!  Throughout the week we were able to lead 16 individuals to Jesus through the door to door evangelism.  We did several other Gospel presentations in which people were invited to ask Jesus into their lives, but it is hard to quantify those numbers because of not knowing the level of understanding the students and kids had that raised their hands.  If we counted every hand that was raised in regards to wanting Jesus to be Lord of their lives, the number would have been in the hundreds.  We just trust that Jesus is in control of those situations.

Our share service, along with this article, is just a sliver of what we experienced.  When the Lord is at work and He invites you to join in, it becomes something special.  So, with that, would you consider going to Honduras next summer?  We are currently considering what that will look like for our church.  If you are interested at all, let’s have a conversation about it!  I will tell you SO much more.  Also, if you would be interested, Pamela Castellon, the director of Open Eyes Ministry, will be sharing with our church family on Sunday night, July 21st.  Please come out that night and here her story.  She will also be in Cleveland for a few days if you would like to get to know her better.

Finally let me give a huge shout out to our church for rallying around our team before and while we were in Honduras.  We felt your prayers, used your money as wisely as we knew how, and represented NCBC in a way you would have been proud of.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

In Him!



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