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Hello church family! It’s been a GREAT summer of student ministry at NCBC.  We began our summer by hopping on a jet plane and going to Honduras.  That trip was life-changing and life-giving for many of us.  With the trip being the beginning point, we feel as though we have sprouted a beautiful partnership with Open Eyes Ministry and we look forward to being a part of the Lord’s work in Central America for a long time, and in many ways.  I will come back to that in a minute.

Next, it was a wonderful thing to watch our teenagers give of themselves by serving in VBS.  The amount of time and effort that goes into the VBS drama, teaching classes and all the other activities our students lead out is impressive.  Our students love VBS and for many good reasons!

Once we made it past the 4th of July we piled into vans and went to Beach Camp in Florida.  It was a fantastic week of focused learning and worship of our Lord, and it was a blessing to see our students grow in their faith over the week.  As a church, camp also provided us a chance to deepen a relationship with a sister church and form a new partnership with another church!  This always excites me because I love getting multiple youth groups together to do ministry.  It’s just a beautiful picture of the Kingdom of God!

We did smaller adventures of youth ministry throughout the summer as well: an evening at the blue hole, a day at the ballpark to watch the Braves, bowling, a movie, several of our Youth Family Cookouts and an evening climbing rock walls!

This past Sunday night we held our church scholarship interviews.  This is the final piece to candidates completing their church scholarship application.  Following the interviews, the youth committee has chosen to award scholarship money to four very deserving young people.  The winners of the Amber Cannon Memorial Scholarship for 2019 are Morgan Allen, Colby Brandt, Mary Beth Canida and Keri Beth Cox.  We are very proud of all four of these young people and are excited to see what God does in and through them in the future!

Going back to our partnership in Honduras, we have an incredible opportunity.  We have a private donor in our church that is willing to match up to $1000 a month of individual donations to Open Eyes Ministry!  Would you be willing to donate on a monthly basis to OEM?  As many of you know by now, it costs $800 a month to run the orphanage that OEM funds.  It costs $675 a month to run the feeding program “on the hilltop” that we visited.  This feeds around 125 kids a day, five days a week, all month long!  With this private donor offering this to us, your $50 a month turns into $100 a month instantly!  We have the opportunity to fully fund the orphanage and the feeding program just from NCBC!  The best way to give is to go online to www.worldoutreach.org/722 and you can setup monthly donations from there.  If you aren’t comfortable with that, then you are welcome to filter it through the church and we can send it on to world outreach.  (Please make checks payable to North Cleveland Baptist Church and include Open Eyes Ministries in the memo line.)  Either way it will be tax deductible and you will receive a giving statement at the end of the year.  Once you setup monthly giving, please let me know.  I will keep your name confidential, but I need to be able to give our donor a good faith amount that is being donated monthly so that it can be matched.  Let’s max out this pledge and do some fantastic ministry in Honduras!

Looking forward to next summer, I want to take as many people to Honduras that will go.  To get started and to gauge interest, I would like to have a Honduras “interest meeting” on Sunday, September 15th at 7:15 p.m. in the gym.  If you have ANY interest in going or even knowing a little more about Open Eyes Ministry, please be at this meeting.  We will talk through potential costs, housing, ministry events and try to answer as many questions as we can.  I look forward to seeing you there!



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