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We are officially less than a month away from the first day of fall, and we have already begun to feel some changes in the weather.  Although it’s still going to be hot the next couple of weeks, there has been a noticeable breeze that has been a welcome addition to our air quality!  With all of this come fall events that we love: football, long sleeved clothing, Pumpkin Spiced EVERYTHING, among other things.  It’s always a great time of the year because fall offers things that the other seasons just don’t.  I, for one, can’t wait to go outside for 10 minutes and not be soaking wet when I come back in from perspiration!

Our student ministry schedule this fall also has some excitement to it.  As many of you know, I have two youth interns serving in our student ministry this school year and they have brought some new energy and a fresh set of ideas to the table.  Most of you know Matt Williams who has been around for a couple of years now.  He is a youth ministry major at Lee and has a great future in ministry ahead of him.  Tori Livesay is serving as our female intern this year.  Tori is a nursing major at Lee, but desires to leverage that to do international missions once she graduates.  I am excited about how Tori is going to impact our student ministry.  I am also excited to get to pour into a couple of young Christians that are going to do great things for the Lord in their futures.  They have come in with “guns blazing” in terms of wanting to bring some excitement to our youth group, and for that, I am grateful.  Along with Matt and Tori, I have put together a great lineup of fall events.  It begins this Wednesday as we will be unveiling our Ignite Students’ spirit teams!  The students will be grouped in small teams for competition each week.  The teams will be led by several of our college students who will also be following up each week to keep their teams engaged in youth group activities.  The next big event is this Friday (Aug 30th) at Walker Valley High School when we put on a tailgate party before the Walker Valley Bradley game.  We will have hot dogs, sodas and games to play before the game.  Everyone is welcome, so come by and see us before the game!  This is 100% an outreach event so please bring an unchurched friend or family with you!  On Saturday, September 21st, we will be doing our first Serving on Saturday event.  We will meet that morning to go to several housing developments to do some pre-program work for Project Helping Hands.  We will follow that up in November when we deliver food bags to those same people at Thanksgiving for PHH.  Moving on to the next Saturday, we will be having our first ever YOUTH HOEDOWN!   I am particularly excited about this as we will be partnering with Samples Memorial Baptist.  This will be a unique fall event that I am certain our students are going to love!  Wrapping up our fall calendar we are tentatively going to do a Fall Retreat the weekend of November 16th.  Details will be coming out on that in the next month.

So fall is in the air and I am excited!  Not just because I hope my football teams will have success this season, but more importantly that it will be a successful season of ministry both in our youth group and our church!  Oh, and I’m looking forward to pumpkin pie as well!                       God Bless! Jason


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