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Hello church family!  It’s been a great start to the fall semester with our youth ministry, Ignite Students.  As I wrote in my last article, we have begun the semester with a flurry of activities.  This Saturday, September 28th, we will be hosting our first ever Youth Hoedown!  I’ve always wanted to host a hoedown, simply in name, so I had to look at what the term “Hoedown” even referred to.  Of course, many of you already know this, but a long time ago communities would have hoedowns as fellowships and everyone would come out with their garden hoes in hand.  The music would begin and people would start dancing while using motions consistent with hoeing their gardens!  No crazy Elvis style dancing or Heaven forbid more modern dancing, just simply dancing as if you were pretending to do your gardening!  Now we aren’t asking our students to bring garden hoes, instead we are asking them to dress in their country/western attire, cowboy hats, boots, or whatever suits them, and come on out to have a great time of fellowship.  I am confident this is going to be an event that we will talk about for years!  One of the reasons for this is that we have secured the rental of a mechanical bull!  Personally, I have never been on a mechanical bull, and my gut tells me very few of our students have either.  One of the toughest things in youth ministry is to find things that are new to our students, and I’m certain that the mechanical bull will fit that description.  It’s going to be a great night of fun and fellowship with each other, but also with our friends at Samples Memorial Church.  Be on the lookout on social media on Saturday night for some fantastic pictures that will come out of the Youth Hoedown!

It’s been a busy time since school started for everyone with children, and fall break is quickly approaching.  I pray that each of our families find some rest over the break and make some family memories they won’t ever forget.  May the Lord keep his hand on all of us as we travel and break from our normal school routine.  It won’t be long before we will all be gathering around the Thanksgiving tables and Christmas trees, but until then let’s all enjoy our families and be thankful that the Lord has blessed us the way that He has!

In Him!



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