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When I was learning how to share the gospel, I found that one of the common approaches to initiating a conversation on spirituality was to speak about the certainty of death and the question of what happened afterwards.  Suggested discussion questions included, If you were to die today, do you know where you would spend eternity?  The topic of death is a good launching point for a conversation regarding salvation. This is because everyone faces the reality of dying and the question of what happens afterwards.  One great aspect of the gospel is that Jesus reveals to us that by our faith in His grace, we can know the assurance that when we die we will go to heaven with Him.  This remains life’s key and critical answer regarding what happens after we die. It is of supreme importance that we are spiritually ready for death.

But once this question is settled, there remain issues that relate to our mortality and what happens after our death. Not only should we be spiritually ready to die, we are wise also to be legally ready to die.  This arena involves items like establishing living wills, pre-arranged funeral/burial arrangements, and securing a Last Will and Testament with regards to your estate. Folks who cover these items do themselves and their families a great service.

Over the years, our church has occasionally been the beneficiary named in a deceased member’s estate. In more recent months, this has occurred several times.  In response, our church voted recently to establish an endowment to better invest such gifts for the long-term future of our church.

It seems natural that those folks who give to the Lord through the church throughout their lives would also desire to give to the Lord even after their death. More than 30 years ago Michelle and I signed our Last Will and Testament.  In it, 10% of our estate will go to the church.  Through the endowment, these funds can support the work of the Lord until Jesus returns one day!  I find that inspiring!

On Sunday night, November 3, we will be hosting a Christian Estate Giving Workshop in the Sanctuary at 6:00 PM.  Our guest will be Chris Kelly, Executive Vice-President/General Counsel with the Tennessee Baptist Foundation. He will give excellent and useful information regarding faith based estate planning.

Who should attend?  Young people who currently do not have a Last Will and Testament. These people need legally to establish their intentions regarding both their material matters AND who would be assigned to care for any minor aged children if tragedy took the parents’ lives. Also needing to attend are Older People (like me) who are due to update their Wills. And it is sufficient to say that anyone who does not have their legal house in order is encouraged to be here.  Mark your calendar!

In light of our own mortality, first trust Jesus as Savior and Lord so that things will be well with your soul!  Afterwards, take the prudent steps to see that “it is well” with your estate.

Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday!                                                          -Jay


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