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        Over the past couple of weeks, I have been asked the question, more than once, “What is the purpose of having the NCBC 400 – High Attendance Sunday?” You may be are asking the same question…and I’m so glad you are!

Six Reasons to Have Sunday School High Attendance Day

  1. It Rallies the Troops – Like every other church, we seem to have a lot people who attend our church, but they seem to come in shifts, not all on the same Sunday. High Attendance Day gives the opportunity to get all members of the family together on the same day. You might think of it as a family reunion of sorts. The bottom line… we all need to be TOGETHER… regularly!
  2. It Gives Us a Target – High Attendance Day gives us a goal to reach TOGETHER. It is a uniting process. Everyone working side by side desiring to see a great harvest.
  3. It Stirs Enthusiasm and Builds Momentum – How exciting to see everyone TOGETHER! Churches are organisms that grow off momentum. It shows life and energy!
  4. It Is an Effective Outreach Tool – It is a proven fact that churches grow primarily when people invite people to come! Word of Mouth is the best method of reaching people.
  5. Motivates Outreach Beyond our Church Walls – You’ve heard the expression, “Our four and no more.” Let’s not ever let that be said of NCBC! Let’s not only invite our church family members who have not been attending Sunday School and Church lately, or in shifts as we discussed in point 1, above. Let’s also invite our families and friends, people we work with and those we go to school with. This is an opportunity to reach the Lost!
  6. It Works! – After many, many years of ministry experience, there’s no doubt in my mind that High Attendance Sundays work. The churches I have served that grew the most were constantly promoting Sunday School and Church attendance by reaching out to our families, friends, co-workers, classmates and the community. It’s more than anecdotal, it’s a fact… It Works!

It’s my prayer that you will join me this week as we strive to make the “NCBC 400” a success. This coming Sunday, November 3rd is the big day. If each of us reach just one, we will cross the finish line with a huge victory! Teachers, please remember to call every class member.  Church, invite your family and friends. Let’s do this TOGETHER!



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