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It has been a good start to 2020.  We have a new year ahead of us and many opportunities to commit ourselves to God’s work and leadership in our lives.  I would challenge you to put joining the choir as one of those options in this new year.  You may have many reason’s or excuses for not joining the choir but I wanted to share with you a few words from some our choir members who expressed why it is important to them.  You got to hear from Howard Hamilton a few weeks ago as he shared his reasons for being in the choir.  Here are a few more.

“The choir is more to me than just a group of people I sing with, they are part of my family! The fellowship, sharing and worship that happens on Wednesday nights are such a joy to be a part of. So often, the songs we are working on serve as a testimony of what God is doing in our lives, or as a reminder of what He has already done! I often tell folks that our choir rehearsals “charge my batteries” for the week to come. The Lord has blessed me so much by allowing me to be a part of a wonderful group of people!” – Janell Martin

“I can remember being in cherub choir in my childhood church, and I was always so excited going to practice! My mom was in choir and I remember looking up in awe at the stage seeing a woman I admired so much stand and sing her heart out to Jesus. As I grew up, I wanted to be a part of that, so I decided to start going to church on my own and a little later, start singing in the choir. Immediately I felt like I belonged to a group whose purpose was so much bigger than just holding a binder and filling time in the service. Being able to sing with a group to glorify our Savior is unlike any other experience. We are all so different…different backgrounds, ideas, family lives, but we all serve the same amazing God. To be able to come together and worship is so important, especially when the world around us is telling us all the time that we shouldn’t or that we can’t.”  -Maria Riojas

“Being in choir is important to me because my Father is faithful to me. Being in choir gives me an opportunity and privilege to be faithful to him by my attendance in rehearsals and Sunday morning services. By doing that, it offers more opportunities to praise Him and for Him to receive the glory from our worship in song.”  -Dale Evans

These are just a few of the reasons that people have shared with and sent to me about choir. You don’t have to be a wonderful musician or a great music reader.  All you have to be is willing to say “Yes” to the God and He will use you to impact lives.  Come join the choir.  It’s a great time to commit to this ministry.  We have a place for you.  I hope to see you in the loft.  We meet for rehearsals on Wednesdays at 6:45 in the Sanctuary.

It’s a blessing to be able to lead and worship together with the body of NCBC.                                                                                                -Lanny


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