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Hello church family!  I come to you from a coma that is a result of our Catalyst Weekend!  We had a great time together this weekend with many memories being made and our students moving closer to Jesus.  Nolan Rumble did an excellent job preaching the Word and he connected very well to our students.  I was very impressed at what a polished speaker Nolan has become.  NCBC has A LOT to be proud of with people like him being out in the world, with their roots at NCBC.  Steven Johnston, Adam & Becca Ferguson, and Chase Morrow did an excellent job leading worship as always.  Someone gave them a compliment this weekend saying they were simply “professional musicians,” and I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment.  We also welcomed 25 people in from Public Church to participate in our weekend.  It was a great time for their students to bond together and learn and grow in their faith.  I am thankful for partner churches that we can do ministry with, and thankful that we can share with them what our church is blessed to be able to provide.

I can never get through a Catalyst Weekend without realizing how blessed we are as a church.  We have a church body that loves and supports each other so well, and it always shows up so prominently in these big events.  Thank you goes out to all the people that opened up their homes to our students, provided donations for scholarships and for food, provided manpower to serve the meals, and also to our youth leaders that provide such sound leadership to our students.  In many churches, it’s hard to know who you can lean on and trust, but not at NCBC.  That is not a problem at all!  As I try to say often in these articles, all of this adds up to a strong ministry, but it also adds up to your ministers and families feeling loved and appreciated.  The amount of support we all feel at NCBC is unbelievable, and for that I am grateful!

I am going to be adding a new item to these articles each time I write one.  I always try and get dates out for our big events as early as possible, but I don’t always keep them in front of everyone.  To address that, I am going to begin adding the major events and their dates to each of my musings.  These won’t include small events but will span a year or so of the major events to help us all keep them on our calendars.  So with that:

Honduras Youth Mission TripMay 26-June 2

Youth Summer CampJuly 6-10

Catalyst 2021February 5-7, 2021




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