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NCBC is a Welcoming Church

      Right off the bat let me say, NCBC does an outstanding job welcoming new people into our fellowship!  From the first time we stepped through your doors in January 2008, we immediately noticed this church family’s unique way of making guests feel that they have always belonged here.  And it’s not just me, I have heard this story over and over again from folks, and most recently from new members J.T. and Sue Rafferty, through conversation during our discipleship class.  North Cleveland is truly a church “Where Love is Alive.”  But, with this said, we must continue to stretch and grow as we strive to insure that we do not become comfortable and stagnant as we welcome our members and guests as we gather each week.

What’s New?

You may have noticed this past Sunday we had a new greeting team in place in the south parking lot, welcoming members and guests alike as they walked from their cars to the church. I would like to eventually add 3 more teams to this group to cover all entrances to our campus.  If you are interested in becoming a parking lot greeter, please see me!

  • You may have also noticed this past Sunday that we had a golf cart in place to assist people from the parking lot to the building. Special thank you to the anonymous person who donated the cart. Our senior adults will benefit greatly from this and they are so appreciative.  My plan is to eventually add a 2nd golf cart for the north parking lot.  Please let me or Dr. Jay know if you might be able to help with this.  Additional golf cart drivers are needed, please see me if you can help.
  • Both of the ministry opportunities listed above require many volunteers, as we have four entrances and three parking lots to cover before early worship, before Sunday School, and before late worship.

If I Can’t Volunteer on the Greeting Team, What Can I Do?

(So glad you asked!)

      SMILE, SMILE, SMILE! It’s contagious!  This not only includes choir members leading in worship, but those sitting in the pews as well!

  • Look for new faces and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself… yes, that means ALL of us, not just staff members.
  • Ask a new person to sit with you during the worship service. If you are really adventurous, invite them to lunch!
  • Invite guests to Sunday School.
  • Always ask guests if they have questions about the church you might answer.

TOGETHER, we can make a difference!

In His Service,



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