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Those of you who know me well know that I have a pretty simple working mind.  I am not very eloquent with words, do not have many deep, profound thoughts, and when concepts are explained to me in a simple, hands on way is when I understand them best. Having said that, you can imagine how complex things like “the cloud” in our world of technology would throw me for a loop, or most advanced math concepts would blow my mind. I need to be able to see it to understand it best. 

     In my spiritual life there is one aspect that continues to blow my mind over and over again…the peace of God.  No matter the storm that is going on in my life, all I have to do is call out to Him and I am overcome with peace.  Over the last few weeks this has been even more evident to me during all that has been taking place and has led me to reflect on difficult times I have gone through in my life. I would like to say that each of those times I turned to God for peace, but I am afraid I can’t truthfully make that statement. 

     Before becoming a Christian, I looked to the world for peace, but that only provided some instant relief.  The feelings of worry and uncertainty never totally went away.  I realized after becoming a Christian that peace given by the world is temporary, but the peace given by God is eternal and a gift he desires for us to have in Him.  As I write, a song from several years ago called Peacespeaker by Geron Davis comes to mind:

There’s never been another man

With the power of this friend

By simply saying, “Peace, be still”

He can calm the strongest wind

So now I’ll never worry when storm clouds come my way

I know that He is near to drive away my fear

And I can smile and say

I know the Peacespeaker

I know Him by name

I know the Peacespeaker

He controls the winds and waves

When He says, “Peace, be still”

They have to obey

I’m glad I know the Peacespeaker

Yes, I know Him by name

     Friends, we know the Peacespeaker!  When storms come into our lives, all we have to do is call His name and his perfect peace calms the strongest storm. 

                                                            Peace be with you,






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