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The disruption created by Covid-19 in our church during October delayed the development of a proposed Church Operating Budget for 2021.  Fortunately, during the first week of November, several meetings took place that enabled a proposed budget to emerge.  It was presented to the Deacons for their input last Sunday at their November meeting.

      Printed copies of this 2021 proposed Operating Budget will be available by this Sunday.  You can also find a link to a copy of this document on our church website.  Its proposed adoption will be on the agenda of a Business Meeting held in the Annex on November 17th, at 6:00 PM. 

Of course, 2020 is a most unusual year in many ways.  But in spite all the things that are different, the generosity of the North Cleveland Baptist family has been consistent with previous years.  And because spending is naturally down, your 2020 budget gifts to date have exceeded budget spending by over $60,000.00.  Therefore, a proposed increase in the overall 2021 budget of $32,728.00 does not seem excessive.  The proposed budget increase can be attributed to three primary areas. 

  1. During 2021 there are six employees reaching one of their Five-Year Anniversaries on staff. By policy, they are rewarded a bonus for achieving these milestones in longevity.  Total budgeted amount for all these bonuses is $7,500.00.  (By comparison, only one part-time employee reached a five-year anniversary in 2020.)
  2. A payroll adjustment for current staff reflects an approximate increase of 3%. This totals $16,641.00.  For reference sake, the 2020 budget primarily gave employees a cost of living adjustment of 1.6%. 
  3. The remainder is a gain in our Mission Giving. This is the part of our budget that we generously give away to denomination missions and to numerous partner ministries. Overall, we contribute 22% percent of our budget giving to these causes.  This is exceptional!

      Our bookkeeper, Brandi Lonas, recently taught me an acrostic used in the accounting world:  “S-A-L-Y.”  This stands for Same As Last Year.  On most of our proposed line items you will find amounts that equal SALY (Same As Last Year).  This helps us have a manageable budget for 2021.  As with all financial matters, if you have questions, you are encouraged to contact the church office.

      A church budget is a bit like the framework of a building.  While it is often unseen, it holds the structure together in a sound and orderly way.  Of course, without your generosity, a budget is simply numbers on paper.  By giving to the Lord through His church, you build the financial structure that enables so many parts of our ministry.  Thank you so much for this and every way God inspires you to show grace through our congregation.

                                                                                                                You are dearly loved,

                                                                                                                            Dr. Jay




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