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I am a firm believer that church staff members with long tenures enable a congregation to operate with greater effectiveness and trust.  I witnessed this in my home church, and I am graced by it through our church staff.  And just to be clear, I am not talking about just the ministerial staff but also the support staff too.  These folks conduct the work done “behind the scenes” so the ministries you do see can function effectively.  As you think of our church, remember the work you see and remember also the work you do not see. 

One particular member of our support staff has a milestone anniversary coming up next week.  Jeanne Franklin reaches her 15th Anniversary as a part of our church staff.  Remarkably, these 15 years represent three different seasons of employment from Jeanne.  Altogether, she has held four different staff positions.  Currently, she serves as Administrative Assistant for Pastoral Ministries and our Office Coordinator.  This position requires a multitude of duties:

  • She manages our church calendar.
  • She schedules doors to unlock and lock at appropriate times.
  • She sets thermostats so our buildings are comfortable during times of gatherings.
  • She is the voice you most likely hear when you call the church office.
  • She contacts committee members about scheduled meetings.
  • She maintains our prayer list.
  • She prints sermon outlines for Sunday distribution.
  • She inserts slides for the projection system in our worship.
  • She orders many of supplies we need for our office and facilities.
  • In recent months, she has ordered much of our adult Sunday School literature.

And there is so much more. 

Because she handles these duties, Jeanne possesses more knowledge about what is taking place in our church than any other person, including me!  I congratulate her on many years of faithful service to the Lord through our church. Whether you realize it or not, you have benefited from her work. 

Thank you, Jeanne, for your faithful service.

~Dr. Jay

PASTOR’S P.S.  Jeanne recently informed me that she is retiring from her employment here in early July to accept a promotion to become grandmother to her soon-to-be-born grandsons!  We know she will find great fulfillment in this cherished role.  My hope is we can hire a successor to join the staff in early June. In this way Jeanne’s final act of valued service on staff will be to train this employee. 

Prayerfully, all these steps will bring us near the “sweet spot” for healthy, meaningful engagement with one another and especially with the Lord. 

Remember, you are dearly loved,

      Dr. Jay



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