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Crowdsourcing has become an interesting phenomenon over the past few years. Many of you probably have seen this but may not known that it is called “crowdsourcing”. One example of this is on a person’s birthday, Facebook gives the person the option of raising money for a cause. If a person chooses to do this, they will pick a cause and Facebook will put this slick graphic together with the person’s profile picture and a little button anyone can click that will allow the person to donate. Another example of this I have seen is when someone is sick or hurt, a friend will create a way on social media for other friends to give and help raise money to pay the medical bills. I had an acquaintance whose house burned, and they created a crowdsourcing fundraiser to help them get through that time. There are many ways to use this idea of “crowdsourcing”.

      Starting this Sunday night, we will begin our churchwide Discipleship Classes. For the youth class, I will be using the internet-based show called The Chosen. This is a show that highlights the life of Jesus and attempts to give a lot of contextual and cultural background to the stories we have read and studied in the Bible. I am excited to use this series to help these Bible stories really come alive to our students. It is very well done, and I know the students will enjoy watching it each week. As with most video driven curriculum, we will watch the video and then have a conversation about what we saw at the end. (Just FYI- for any adults interested in taking this course, I have heard through the grapevine that there might be a class for adults coming in another discipleship session). I believe this time will be meaningful in the spiritual journey our students are currently on.

      I mentioned crowdsourcing to you in the beginning because The Chosen is completely privately funded using the means of crowdsourcing. They use the phrase Pay It Forward to get people to give. The idea is that a person hears about The Chosen, watches it and is impacted by it, donates to the cause so that the producers and actors can make more shows, thus impacting more people for the Gospel. Currently they are up to almost 250 million views, and they have a goal to get to 1 billion views. It is a fascinating concept these people are taking to spread the good news of Jesus. If you haven’t been introduced to The Chosen, you can find it online and they even have an app you can download and watch it directly on your device. I believe you will be glad you invested some time in this.

                                                                                    Happy Watching!







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