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In the past few weeks, I have been sharing with the choir on Wednesday nights about the word passion and what that looks like in our daily lives as Christians.  You know we can have a lot of things that we are passionate about in our lives, and when we talk and communicate with others about them, and we exhibit excitement, and that excitement is contagious.  Have you ever had a conversation with someone about something that you knew absolutely nothing about, but because of their passion and excitement about the subject it drew you in and captivated your attention and maybe even got you thinking that might be something you want to look into?  Would people say that you have that kind of passion for God?  So much so that it overflows in your conversations daily?  So much so that is shows in your worship?  So much so that you want to share it, and therefore your faith, with everyone that you come in contact with?  I don’t know about you but I want my passion for the Lord to be something that would draw in and captivate the people around me and therefore make them want to dig deeper into God, and ultimately follow after Him as well.

Passion is defined as- A state or outburst of strong emotion.  An intense desire or enthusiasm for something.  A thing arousing enthusiasm.  Wow those are some intense feelings.  But, we see this kind of passion exhibited by the world every day for things that are temporal and really don’t matter.  But, the object of our ultimate passion, God, is so much better, greater, and deserving of these emotions and enthusiasm.  I pray that we will all take some time and gage where our passions are and I hope that you will find that your passion for God is so great and overflowing that it contagious to those around you.  If it’s not maybe it’s time that you start asking the Lord to fan that flame and maybe pray as David did “restore unto me the joy of thy salvation.”

I pray that you have a blessed week.  And let’s come each week ready to passionately lift up the name of the Lord.

God bless,






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