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The Covid pandemic has disrupted many things in our individual lives and in our church’s schedule.  We are grateful for the opportunity to re-establish many of our ministries. We are prayerful that we can continue these and eventually move into other projects and ministries.

      One idea remaining on “hold” for a while is redesigning our church website.  Many years ago, our webpage was conceived as a digital method for getting information to our church family.  Thus, materials in our newsletters were regularly featured.  And it continues primarily to serve that purpose today.  However, church webpages today are a type of “front door” to people who want to know more about a congregation. Guest attending our church today have probably surfed around our website and at least watched some video of our worship times.  Frankly, our website is not as “seeker friendly” as it needs to be for this important task. 

      I have dialogued with several church folks blessed with experience and sound understanding of website design.  One of the items we would like to feature on the redesign of our website is…. YOU!  That is, we want people visiting our website to discover stories about the individuals and families of North Cleveland Baptist Church. And this is where I need your help.  Would you write a paragraph about your and/or your family’s relationship with our congregation?  Here are the types of content I hope to feature:

  • Tell about how you came to attend and to be a part of our church.
  • Tell about one of your favorite memories at our church.
  • Tell about a trip you took as part of our church (Mission Trip, Retreat, Florida Camp, etc)
  • Tell about a time when the North Cleveland Baptist family helped your family.
  • Tell about a favorite Sunday experience at North Cleveland Baptist. 
  • Tell about the friendships you have made through North Cleveland Baptist.

      You can choose to reply to one of these suggestions or you can tell about some other feature.  Each composition should be 250 words or less.  AND if you want to go “the extra mile,” please send in a photo of you, your family, or a photo from the event about which you wrote.  Where possible, we will want to place a photo alongside your writing.  Email your finished writing (and photos) to me at jay@northclevelandbaptist.org

      The overall redesign will take at least a few months.  But in the end, we will have a digital “front door” to our congregation that serves us better.  






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