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I have always been a “numbers guy.”  In school I routinely made better grades in mathematics than I did in classes in the arts or humanities. Even so, I reached my mathematical ceiling before attempting subjects like physics or calculus.  

    This is the time of year I pull out some of my math skills as our church goes through the process of preparing a proposed operating budget for the next calendar year. Work on this proposal began in late September and finished on November 3rd. Printed copies became available in the sanctuary last Sunday. This proposal will be presented for adoption at the church business meeting in the Annex on November 17 at 6:00 pm.  Some noteworthy observations about this proposal include:

  • For the first time our proposed budget exceeds $1 million dollars. 
  • Our proposed budget is 4.5% higher than than our 2021 budget. 
  • This increase is almost entirely due to the step of faith our church took this year in creating and filling the full-time position of Minister of Adults. 
  • No hourly or salary payroll increase for any employee is included in the 2022 proposed budget. 
  • Through October our 2021 budget gifts are almost identical to budget expenditures. 

    Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). Our church budget reveals that the heart of our church is with a devoted staff (59% of our budget) and the mission work of God’s kingdom (21% of our budget). 

    What can you do?

  • Acquire a copy of our proposed budget. Read it over and learn about our ministries. Not only are printed copies available at the church, it can also be downloaded from our church website.
  • Ask any questions you have. Check out the footnotes to the budget for information. If needed, contact the church office to talk with me or our bookkeeper, Brandi Lonas. You can also contact our church treasurer, Jeff Elliott. 
  • Attend the Business Meeting when the vote is taken on November 17th

    The adoption of a Budget grants us a financial plan and path to provide financial resources for our 2022 ministries. Thank you for your faithful giving, enabling us to serve in a multitude of ways.

You are dearly loved, 

            Dr. Jay




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